How I cam fix lags FAF 09/2021 ?

Good afternoon.
From about 09/18/2021 (I remember exactly that it was on Friday or Saturday, but I don't remember 09/18/2021 or 09/25/2021), after installing the last patch, the game began to lag, slow down. It became impossible to play.
Before that, there was nothing. I played fine.
The problem arose on the same day (apparently at the same time) on two different computers in two different apartments, different areas of the city, 2 different Internet providers.
Changed the game settings to the worst. But it did not help.
Reinstalled Supreme Commander Forged Alliance and FAF. But it did not help.
According to the task manager, during the game, the computer is loaded by 30% (processor, memory, video card).
My system on a new computer:
GeForce GTX 1650
Intel Core i5 9300H 2.4 GHz
RAM 16 Gb

It became impossible to play due to lags. But it almost touched me alone. All my friends play without problems.
What can I do to fix the situation?
This is most likely due to the new patch. Are you going to fix anything in it?

@tyhig2 You might have the nvidia bug. Is it lagging more if you move the mouse?
Then you should update your nvidia drivers or install the nvidia fix ui mod. Bit weird for that to occure now (was mainly an issue couple months ago) but some other people also got it recently out of nowhere.