Every game freezes

Every game freezes at the following state, replays too. I get a few different error messages, it seems the game freezes mostly visual, but the background noise effects don't seem quite right and interactive. Here are a game logs of all tries:

game_15363890.log game_15363854.log game_15363835.log game_15363802.log game_15363770.log game_15363953.log

Some possibly relevant things...

  • I had UI scaling enabled in game
  • Windows scaling has no effect on it
  • I am running client 1.5.0
  • I reinstalled the client
  • This is first time since patch I tried to play

Have you tried turning this mod off:


If a UI mod makes an invalid call somehow it can cause the renderer to hard-crash. The game still runs, but you can't see anything. I suspect that is what happens here.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Yeah that worked thanks a lot :).

Shame, I edited that mod with bigger font and better colors back when I had time 😛