Robustness's maps

Hi. I want to advance some of my maps a little. Before you start, I advise you to check the adaptive settings in maps. Watch video games on these maps on my channel, if of course I have an overview of the gameplay on these maps.


  1. For only logged in to the game: Step forward, The way of war land, Adaptive rainy day, Samsons Divide.
  2. The average level of players: The way of war quarry, Nitrus, Hot spot, Adaptive step forward, Adaptive Uninhabited planet, Adaptive Algun, Battle for shmal.
  3. Mid-to high-level players: Our hearts demand change, Adaptive Siberia, Adaptive Abusmal Lake.
    For those who want to upgrade to a more complex version of "DualGap": New Round, DualGap Scale Adaptive.

"Step forward" has an awesome color palette, I dig it! The geometry of the terrain is also excellent and the layout and use of terrain features is fantastic too (without having plated it though). If you can improve your decal work in addition to that and bring a little more detail into texturing it would be one of the prettiest maps I have seen!

the time will come and everything will be

The new map, specially made in mixed colors, pleases the eye, tactically maneuverable map that can be interesting to play in any composition. Inside the map, there is an active volcano that can sometimes give you a rock that will cause damage or give reclamation. "Adaptive Next to me".Безымянный.jpg

Wow cool

I updated my old map, the map was made in honor of the storming of Grozny. Although here the fight will not develop in a completely urban environment, but we will assume that on the outskirts.hjgjhgjhgjh.jpg
If someone wants me to redo my maps purely for a 1 vs 1 game, write to me about it in discord.

A game for any composition and pleasant exploration.213123123132.jpg

Inspired after a trip to the city of the same name in the Tver region of the Russian Federation. Adapted for the game 1vs1 and 2vs2. Gornyak1.jpg

Hot spot v3 for TMMhot spot.jpg

Nitrus v4 for TMM and ladderNitrus.jpg

Step forward v3 2v2 TMMStep Forward.jpg

Map status as of 18.09.2021rob.jpg

Excellent work of a good friend. (pr) 18.09.2021punch.jpg

I want to recommend everyone to play at least once something from this list in the global.mapsGOOD.pdf

How did you come up with this list ? Are those your "favorite maps" ?

@auricocorico it has been going for 4 years. This is what we play with different frequency in the global. there are both quite old maps that my friends and I like, and fresh ones that have also joined the stream.

converted to 4x4hotspot4.jpg

after much discussion, it was converted to 1x1 for beginners fafrainy day.jpg


Impressive work!
One can't imagine the sheer amount of time and effort you had invested in mapping.

Want to point out the Dual Gap, you had created a very good map (on the same level as de_dust2 from Counter-Strike 1.6).
Your map provides an unique team play experience, that is why it is beloved by so many players.

Can you shed some light behind the creation of the map that had become so popular?

Also wanted to ask: is it possible to set 4 starting Mass Extractors instead of 8 in the Dual Gap latest version?
Reasoning behind the question is balance. The surplus of resources makes the game process less interesting.
Here are some key points right of the bat:

  1. Too much resources encourage players to do the Mindless Spam approach, which by itself is void of a true skill.

  2. Too much resources at player's disposal is less demanding skill wise to properly build up an effective economy.

  3. The importance of getting off-base Mass Extractors at the middle vanishes. Player can just get the reclaim on his mid side, then fall back to his base, turtle up with his upgraded 8 Mass Extractors and fend off almost any land attack, while his team builds a Game Ender.

  4. If one mid player is taken out, the other mid player on the same team can still effectively turtle up and solo hold the position while his eco player gets additional 8 Mass Extractors, hence the disbalance.

  5. The pace of the game becomes too fast, Game Enders are rushed and the game ends usually at some 40 minutes in.

I know that some of the points above are very situational and are depended on the individual players and their ability to play as a team, but judging by the observations this is how most of the games go, with those distinct universal moments.

The Honorable Recall

The very concept of the map was taken from previous versions from other players. An analysis of "what they like"was carried out. Extensive work has been carried out on "remove this immediately". As a result, the mountains were made based on the scale and location of the version from taumel. A lot of players of the "top" of this map were also interviewed. The first changes were physical, not visual. The forest was reworked only into groups on the bases and removed a huge number of single trees that slowed down the game. Biomes were located with an approximate change in the reclaim, that is, no one felt that he had less resources at this position or there were more of them. Then the trees that lit up at the beginning of the game were removed as they created a three-second lag at the beginning at the start. All mass extractors on the bases have been adjusted, previously each slot had a certain asymmetry. When I delved deeper into the map, I found that the previous versions were visually not symmetrical in both coloring and terrain. Therefore, taking my time, I spent a couple of months with my friends coming up with a release version of the modern classical gap. You can fit the whole way in one photo. In any case, I would like to express a big thank you to Morax. He gave me a lot of support.gapp.jpg Some such way in 4 months.