Sounds ripped from SC:FA have wrong names

I'm trying to rip some assets from SC:FA (for several reasons, including remaking the units in 1:1 scale and fully destructible in Teardown, as well as attempting to remake the entire game in S&box non-commercially), and I seem to have had no problems with ripping the models, however after trying to rip the sounds from the right xwb file using the unxwb tool, and using a matching xsb file for the names, the names are clearly not right. Some loops do not contain "loop" in their name, some non-loops do, and the walk loop for the T1 engineer sounds like the ACU walk loop.
So far I've tried everything and I'm lost, I have no idea on what to do next.
I hope the experienced modders in this community have any idea how to get the correct labels for the files, like the ones referenced in scripts.