Game Lobby Reinstall Issue

Please try to not laugh too hard about this question...
I've been been playing this game since it 1st came to PC.
2 or 3 years ago when I upgraded my PC and moved all of my content onto SSD's, I erased everything other than my MOD's and Maps.
I reinstalled the game, having to go through Steam and unfortunately, I apparently have lost my previous game lobby.

I play through Steam and in the upper Rt Corner of the Lobby it shows: 1.6.6
In the window below assigning the AI's it shows: (LEM 4.6) Sorian AI 2.1.2

My problem is this:
I am limited to just assigning 8 AI's.... I cannot go up to 16 anymore (to play some modified maps) and I cannot remember where to find the updated Lobby to play non-PVP skirmishes as I did before.

Can anyone help please?

Did you start the game from your steam library or from somewhere else (Desktop shortcut, FAF, etc.) ?

If you started it from Steam you are probably looking for a non-FAF mod that mods the Vanilla steam lobby to support 16 players. Can you remember where you found that "updated lobby"?
Or maybe you added the FAF version (non-steam) to your steam library as link, in which case you would have to install FAF first.