Old forum names?

Is there any way to get a field in the profile where people can enter their old forum name, and it will display when they post next to their current name or something?

Maybe I'm just a forum lurker so I never see their ingame names, but it's confusing now that certain people have different names...

I think displaying one name everywhere is the least confusing thing

@AdmiralZeech No, there is no way. We don't know which forum account belongs to which FAF account. Yes there was a field in the old forums where people could put in there account name, but:

  1. That is only populated on very few accounts.
  2. The content in there was never verified and also didn't cover the case where people changed their FAF account name.

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@Brutus5000 I guess since we have sigs people can put their old forum name in their sig if they want to preserve that identity...

A link to old forums would be good. There is some information there which would be useful for a while still. IE LOUD project links.