Update the the following tabs on the FAF client: Tournaments, Units, Tutorials

We can do better than having such old and outdated information on the client.

The Tournaments tab could be updated with info on recent and upcoming tournaments, or at least be given the forum links to them...

Afaik, the Units tab is not up-to-date and has inaccuracies that misinform players. It could be updated with the correct unit information...

The Tutorials tab could use some more current additions, as well as links to helpful guides and such.

I imagine some community members would be willing to help out with updating some or all of these, and perhaps something can be figured out so that the FAF client can be improved for everyone.

This thread is intended to be an open discussion. Please chime in if you have constructive ideas, or if you have technical feedback regarding the practicability of implementing the ideas suggested here. Thank you.

pfp credit to gieb

Tagada is working on the tutorial tab 🙂

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