FA Modern Trailer Contest Submissions


This post is to put all the submissions in one place so that they can be found easily.

InitialDesu : https://youtu.be/0mefAO2PC4s

NmnEPnyM : https://youtu.be/71QOC2c9amk

Javi : https://youtu.be/1HEdFMceFo0

jadenw & Neytron : https://youtu.be/mxaZ3-a0i_g

Derp : https://youtu.be/5Mdn-7towfg

Grievous_Nix : https://youtu.be/pSbpnIbz_cw

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they're all so good.

I think I like Derp's best
then Javi's
then InitialDesu

Javi's is so much more professional and has so much more production value. I'd put it number one if it weren't for the fact that Derp's perfectly illustrates what makes FAF so fun.

1 Grievous_Nix
2 Javi
3 Derp

But "ZLO" is the best

  1. Derp
  2. Javi
  3. jadenw & Neytron
    I think that Derp is the best because his trailer is also gameplay. He showed all the advantages of faf, battles on water and in the air, unique physics when tml hit the air, showed everything for which we love faf, while the rest of the trailers are similar to each other

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