Allow UI mods to communicate with external services

For example, I want to be able to make short notes on other player and see them in game. Or there would be useful to mark player as lagger and see his lagger-rating.
In order to be able to implement such things we need to allow mods to send and receive messages via GPGNet. I checked code of ICE adapter and it seems it is not very hard to implement message routing for interop with external services.
So the question: why nobody implemented it? Is it prohibited by something or what?

GpgNet messages can only be sent but not received (I guess it's an engine security restriction).

Also I think you can only send Gpg messages in sim mods (engine restriction) - but maybe some expert can confirm this.

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Thank you for info, seems reasonable. So, no easy way. But what about chat? Can we create something like chat bot? At least in lobby.

Kyros lobby has an /info <player> text command that be done in lobby that can be recalled along with other things. The old version is busted but I'll be uploading a new version soon with fixes and other additions.