A Reminder of the FAF Code of Conduct

This past weekend there was a major violation of the FAF Code of Conduct. I was not personally present to witness the interaction as it transpired, yet a number of people posted, direct messaged me, and it was made well known of what occurred. For that reason, this player - and anyone who acts similarly - is being dealt a large penalty including bar from FAF events for the next few months.

In recent years, FAF has seen an influx of larger viewing thanks to a centralized viewing platform, and in addition more people have been kindly donating more and more money to witness these events. The number of viewers who saw in detail the behavior in question has left a mark on FAF's reputation that we really do not want going forward. It has without a doubt opened many eyes to the frustrations of anger and rage that should not be expressed, especially during a time when so many are watching.

It is our goal as a community to continually draw interest for play and entertainment, being thankful for our generous, selfless donors who want nothing more than to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Based on my conversations so far, it has not deterred anyone from withdrawing development, donation, helping out with operations, nor any other critical function; but that does not mean it will in the future.

I want to personally ask that everyone please discourage this behavior, and to those who have an issue with behaving properly please find a way to channel their frustrations away from other users/viewers. Get in a mood where this will not happen in any way possible.

This is not going to be tolerated with any leniency going forward.

I hope everyone can move past this event and keep the community together with the integrity going forward.

As a follow up, I wanted to write a quick reply and let everyone know that a 3 month ban from events is not the standard penalty for breaking the Code of Conduct. Like all moderation actions, cases are reviewed in detail before a decision is made, and for this particular instance a lengthy ban history for the player subject to penalty was a strong point.

To be clear, the 5th point in the Code of Conduct “Be careful in the words that we choose” was the reasoning for the ban. Again, this was done on a live stream in front of many viewers, and people who give support for the community.

I just wanted to clarify folks should not assume this is a standard level punishment. My apologies for any confusion.