Inverted mouse buttons


Out of the blue, my mouse buttons inverted. The right mouse button in constantly selected and no menus can be opened.

I reloaded FAF and check all in game menu options but cannot find the error.

Can someone help?


Doesn't sound like a FAF problem more like an OS one.

Maybe try this:

alt text

Hi Keene

Thanks for that, but everything outside of FAF runs the way it should.

One thing that might help you is that all hotkey and other settings are stored in a Game.prefs file.
If I remember right can be found ~users/steamuser/Local Settings/Application Data/Gas Powered Games/Supreme Commander Forged Alliance/Game.prefs (but I play on Linux so on windows it might be a slightly different location).
Either way you can open it with notepad and mess around with settings that sounds like they might fix your problem (after making a little backup of the file ofcourse).
Alternatively you can delete it and I'm pretty sure that on startup of FA it will be regenerated with all settings to default, WHICH MEANS YOU LOSE YOUR HOTKEY SETTINGS but possibly also the problem you are having with your mouse.

I have no idea if it will fix your issue, but it's probably worth a try.