Can we please talk about TMM match making

I have just had a string of what I would call poorly balanced games.

Often the two best players are placed on the same team, and often there was one player who was just significantly lower rated that everyone else, making the game unbalancable. Often we get a very very high rated player paired with a very low rated player, while these are arguably, "balanced", they are often not fun for those involved and I would definitely prefer to avoid them.

I understand there is a desire to match people so games can be played and avoid wait times, but with the balance in these games, I would often prefer not to play them. Particullarly games 1,3,4,6,7 the balance was so in my disadvantage it literally sucks all the fun out of it. Occasionally inbalanced game is obviously fine but this wasn't occasionally.

And I doubt Finx or Wifi enjoy being paired with so low rated players.

Please keep people in the queue longer so we can get more fairly balanced matches. As it stands, the chances of me getting a shit game is so high I am sure it wouldn't only just discourage me from participating in TMM. What would people prefer?

Game 1
BattleMoose 1133 Sigm 1012
Catman222 67 PomidorTawer 858

Game 2
(This one was actually allright)
BattleMoose 1155 lllS_update_Sll 1216
Forsaken_Child 877 ghnaf 909

Game 3
BattleMoose 1167 oles 1207
CallousRat 737 ills_update_sll 1207

Game 4
BattleMoose 1180 Mechanic_345 1008
Mandalore 786 ills_update_sll 1196

Game 5
Wifi_ 1860 BattleMoose 1204
Tuttifrutti 308 Roftante 1047

Game 6
BattleMoose 1219 Yolona-Oss 864
Photon 497 oles 1190

Game 7
b1adam 1429 BattleMoose 1241
Forsaken_Child 809 Mandalore 780

Game 8
Finx 1896 BattleMoose 1251
kiril608 -132 Mandalore 771

Game 9
Finx 1905 BattleMoose 1216
SimontheGamer44 537 Zwierzak 1315

It's hard to comment on why individual games took place exactly. I can tell you though that it is a known problem that the matchmaking is not ideal.
We have developed a new algorithm that should give better matchmaking results. We are currently in the process of deploying the new code. It will maybe still take some weeks, partly because I am quite busy with real live stuff at the moment, but hopefully we will see the new matchmaker in action in a few weeks.

This discussion was started not long ago and as BlackYps stated it is being worked out.

@BlackYps can you make an announcement or post up when the algorithm is adjsuted?

@BattleMoose keep checking and let us know when BlackYps makes the update if it improves or not.

@BlackYps Please reach out if you want help in developing or testing the algorithm: I would be very happy to help.

Thank you for your offer! There have been two testing sessions already and everything seems to be working. There are no further tests planned.
You can still help by providing feedback on the new system once it is live. Don't worry to miss it, there will probably be a pretty big announcement about it on the news and forum.