Coop missions not working

Coop missions suddenly not working at the moment, were working yesterday but since update when I click host, the lobby opens but then it sticks on connecting until you have no choice but click abort connect. The log files lists an error as seen down below. I can join a custom game without any issue. Anyone any idea of what the problem could be?


warning: Error running Hosting script in CScriptObject at 1102a000: ...ta\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\ui\lobby\lobby.lua(6788): attempt to call method Hide' (a nil value) stack traceback: ...ta\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\ui\lobby\lobby.lua(6788): in function CreateUI'
...ta\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\ui\lobby\lobby.lua(4931): in function <...ta\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\ui\lobby\lobby.lua:4828>
[C]: in function `HostGame'
...ta\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\ui\lobby\lobby.lua(702): in function <...ta\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\ui\lobby\lobby.lua:698>
info: GPGNET: setting nat handler to 0x00000000
info: CNetTCPBuf::Read(): recv() failed: WSAEINTR
info: Run time: 0h00m10s

Just checked again and this issue has been resolved. Just started working, assuming the problem was fixed on the client end.

Yep, looks like a hotfix was rolled out, just tried it again and it downloaded a lobby_coop.cop file and a bunch of other files despite having patched it yesterday.