Matchmaking wait time?


I am fairly new to FAF and it has been a wonderful expirence. Having said I seem to be having issues with match making. often times it finds me a match after the first 3min count down, but sometimes it will got through the countdown many times before any match is found. Sometimes I have to restart my computer before and reopen the client before it will find me a match. Is it common for the client to go through the count down many times to find a match or is my computer having technical issues? I can be patient, but I have a nagging suspicion that there might be something wrong. However, I myself am frequntly wrong so it could be nothing.


You go through the countdown and the system creates games from a pool of players. You likely did not create a good matchup with anyone searching at the time. Generally 90% of successful matchups happen within 2 search queues; the longer you’re in a queue the more priority is placed on getting you a game.

At your rating and game count, you shouldn’t be having too much difficulty getting a game, though.

@dj, you don't need to restart your computer, just keep waiting. If it's a slow time of day it can be quite a wait; I have waited 5-10 minutes before.

You can use the !signup ladder command in #aeolus, then you can use !to ladder to see how many people who have signed up are also online. People don't have to be signed up to play ladder, but it is a reference point.

@FtX, is 90% within 2 queues your best guess based on experience, or do you have data to back that up? Someone must have the actual data... surely we don't just match people without recording how long it took.

Yes I have the data, I wouldn't say what I did otherwise.

No worries if you did, it wouldn't have been bad or wrong, I just like to know when it's a guess vs. hard data.

Thank you!