Can Hotkeys be customised?

Is it possible to customise hotkeys to pick what units a particular key will cycle through, and if so is there a guide anywhere on how to do this?

For example, currently there are both a default configuration of hotkeys, an alternative preset of hotkeys, and then the option to bind 1 (and only 1) unit to a specific key.

What I'd want is to be able to pick my own units for a particular key. For example, having 1 key that if pressed cycles through all power options and energy storage (currently I can have 1 key for power options, and a 2nd key for storage, but not both in 1)

@maudlin27 hotbuild stuff needs to be done in code. @Dragun101 made a mod that layouts the hotbuild code in a more approachable way.

I found a workaround to customize your hotbuild hotkeys a while back with some help from keyser. If I recall correctly, the idea is you can't modify the file of the game directly, since it will get patched out as soon as you start a faf game, so you have to make a mod. I can just share my mod with you or put it on the vault when I get home. I've made some changes like putting template and upgrade hotkey on the same key (since there is no overlap between those) and putting air support factories on the same hotkey as pgen, so it goes:

T3 pgen > T3 air supp fact > T2 pgen > T2 air supp fact > T1 pgen > hydro

I've made around a dozen changes but you probably don't want all of them. You'll be able to customize it to your liking by editing unitkeygroups.lua and putting in the exact unit bp name in the order you want it.

Thanks, if you could share the mod that’d be great! 🙂