Mods section in Vault needs a fast clean out!



I think you should ASAP clean out the Mods section.
For Example there are many mods which are in there in V1-2-3.

And to prevent future messes, I would recommend monthly developer check in.
If they at least do not recheck the Mods entry the mod is deleted.

Maybe that way the programmers also update their nice mods more often ....

As example: T3 Mobile Anti-Air units V3 & V5 from Kirvesnaama.



The issuse is Some mods Are not under active peopel working on them but in thier current state they work fine so if thry dont reply you cna jsut remove the mod for that reason. the Maps & Mods Discord is Slowly going thoght the valut and cleaing it up but it take time.


Excuse me? What the fuck am I reading here?

Yes, the vault (map & mod) could need some love, but there are quite a few reasons why this is diffcult. Nevertheless, your attitude is astonishing:

  • You demand something ASAP while
  • you didn't even bother figuring out the right forum to post (which would have been "Suggestions") and of course
  • you don't offer any help of your own, but expect other people to do it for you?

There is a matching quote that comes to my mind:

And so, my fellow Commanders: ask not what your community can do for you — ask what you can do for your community.
-- Commander John F. Kennedy

Posts like yours make me question my commitment to FAF.


Don't know what fuck you read, that's absolute your own fault/desire.

Suggestion is something which is not implemented.

I do patron, as i can not program.

Next time waste your writing my coding the "ASAP" part, would help the "community"....

Word fighting i can do better ..... ):>


@Ombre this is not helping you get a fast clean out. If this is really important to you, you could start by adding feedback on outdated mods you encounter. I see you have not done this for the 'V3 Kirvesnaama aa units mod' yet. adding a review which says 'Outdated!' is even less effort than a forum post.

being a patron does not entitle you to a rude attitude.

@Ombre said in Mods section in Vault needs a fast clean out!:

Don't know what fuck you read, that's absolute your own fault/desire.

Suggestion is something which is not implemented

So would you say your 'recommendation' is implemented yet? If not it seems very similar to a 'suggestion'.


Ok, will do. 🙂
Didn't knew writing "outdated" is a requisition. Will write as soon as i see mods.

"Wortsalat" 😉

Next time i will reconsider to write in suggestions, though being logical on differences may sometime help Devs/Progers to consider the status|worktime like: .... Write -> must be corrected (2hours) vs not written -> must be implemented (6-24 hours).... to do a job! (imNho)

Thanks for the advice.


Is it really a requisition though? I do not know if it makes removing old ones any easier for the moderators, but it is more useful than just complaining.

‘wortsalat’ doesn’t really convey the fact that something is outdated. there are lots of ways to say “this is an old version” without being obscure, so let’s get creative!


This task cannot be solved by programming. That's a shitload of manual assignment to do. There is no magic algorithm that will identify duplicate mods and merge them. I analyzed the map vault once. There is differences in naming, whitespace characters, sometimes they sound equal but they are not. Then there is the question on who is the original author and who should remain ownership afterwards. Because there are a lot of people taking an existing mod, making changes to it and publish it as v2. Maybe that violates the intention of the original author yadadada. It's very fuzzy work on a very huge list.


Most people think faf is magic i guess. Must be easy to just go clean the entire fucking 10 years of shit in the mods and MAPS vault.


You will have to forgive me, but I am planning to do some vault changes to the maps and mods where only authorized "whitelist" authors are allowed due to the excessive unreliability and mess.

However, I am being challenged as the M&M councilor and will not make any further moves until we know who is the council.