Unable to launch a match due to the UI

This post is intended for people like my self who has a tendency to brake games by messing with the options menu.
In the Instance The UI is to big to launch start a match be in skirmish or campaign. It has a relatively easy fix by:

  1. pressing the options button next to the news tab.

  2. opening the "game.prefs" with a word editing tool [any should do as it worked with wordpad, you can open a a file with any program that can by right licking the thing you want to launch and then go to "open with" and select the one you want to use]

  3. in the opened file search for "ui_scale"

  4. change whatever the number is [I.E 1.25 for 125] and simply change it 1[100-default] then save.

  5. test but launching the a game, coop o.r skirmish will do and it should be fixed but you may need to restart FAF

Special thanks to Amygdala for helping me out with this issue.