Issue with Downlord's client on 4k monitor

Not necessarily an error, mostly just an annoyance that I am wondering if there's an easy fix for.

I run a dual monitor setup, one monitor is a high refresh 1080p display that I use for games and the other is a bigger 4k screen that I use for everything else. Usually I have the FAF client open on my 4k display. My issue is this: the buttons along the title bar stop working for the most part after the client has been open for a little bit. Meaning I can't click the chat/game/replay tabs and I also can't minimize or close it without alt f4 or managing to click in the exact right spot on the buttons, gradually getting to the point where there is nowhere I can click for it to work. At that point I have to either use windows key to move it to the 1080p display or just alt f4 and restart it. If I move it to the 1080p display it instantly starts working as expected.

It's not a super big deal as there are a number of work arounds for me, but I figured I'd ask on here to see if anyone else has this issue and if there was an easy fix. I'm guessing this has to do with Windows lovely management of display scaling interacting with the client, though it's weird it usually works fine when I first load up the client.