Improvement proposal for developers faf client.

Hello Fafians! My proposal is addressed to the developers of the Faf client. The bottom line is that often in the game due to technical problems with the pairing of various equipment, software and network interactions between players, disconnection from the game occurs. In this process, which in addition to the technical side entails a long wait, many are not ready to spend more time on this kind of problem than the game itself lasts. Sometimes there is also a collision between two players and until one of them exits the game will not resume. It also happens that some players have connection problems and other technical problems in relation to others, which entails the effect of a turn-based strategy. Many do not stand it and go out. Naturally, due to equipment malfunctions of one or two people, the rest of the majority pays with their time. In this regard, I would like to propose to make a certain "button" or command in the console of the game itself, which disconnects the unfortunate culprit of the unsatisfactory game from the rest of the people from the game. In order for the game to continue. If such a function were implemented, for example, voting outside the existing model or at the host level, then this would raise the game to a qualitatively new level. Thank you for attention.

This has nothing to do with the faf client

@Askaholic Can you make changes to the game?

I think he is trying to make a case for a vote to kick feature. This has been discussed before and as far as I understood is in the making?

This post is deleted!

@biass Excuse me. What are yo talking about?

Yeah, a kick feature would be nice, as it is now you have to pm a mod to get people kicked who lag the game etc. which is annoying for both sides.

I am not aware of anybody working on this. Also not sure if this is even possible.

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