Rating issues with 2v2 TMM players.


Some players started complaining they lost their rating with another saying he got 1300 points.
Anyways, please fix, I want my rating back.


The controlled reset will not be reverted. The issue of some ratings not properly being reset is currently being investigated.


Tbh I think the issue has existed since TMM launched but we didn’t notice it before. Now with the reset, suddenly everyone experiences it at once so we actually see that there’s an issue.

I think I know why. I’ll try to make a fix this week.


any upload on this? @Askaholic


What country ends the week on a thursday


@loxpooig I just tested the fix and we will deploy it as soon as possible, hopefully within a few days. We'll be resetting the 2v2 ratings again with the release.


@Askaholic resetting to the original value or to something else ?


The TMM 2v2 rating have been wiped once again, so now they will be reinitialized with the ladder rating.


With the GLOBAL rating.... good lord I am writing so much shit today