Art Request for MapBan

What is MapBan
Back at the end of last year i finalised the Setup of MapBan a 3rd party Site to give the ablity to tournament directoed to create easy to used maps pools and have have a proper MapVeto System, Along with the OBS Scean Weblinks to provide a better viewiong expeiance. you can read more about the system here

Reason for the Request
This reason for this art request is that the FAF Map-Gen is becoming more and more used in tournaments now and at at the point of the final set up for MapBan Map-Gen was not been used in a Tournament setting, But things change. To help fix this isses i want to add 6 Placeholder "Maps" for Map-Gen .

Art Request Info
The images them self do not have to have a image of a map in them due to the maps are Randomly Generated. As long as the images repersent the Map-Gen this is fine.

Please can you post you submissions below Or Send them to me Via Zip File on Discord

Image Size: 990 x 556
File Format : jpg
Number of Images : 6

After Speaking with Swkoll for we came up with the follwing that we would need

5km - Tournament
5km - Unexplored
10km - Tournament
10km - Unexplored
20km - Tournament
20km - Unexplored

To have an idea how the "Maps" will show please look a the link under What is MapBan and you will see how they lay out map Images

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