in-game: Disconnect and Reconnect to all Players every 20 Minutes

About all 20 minutes i lose connection to all players, the game blocks and I see the ICE-Adapter notificitions, first connection loss, then how it reconnects to all player. Usually after 30 seconds connection is re-established to all players and the game continues.

These short "forced pauses" don't bother me but a lot of my friends and people I play with online. Below are the log files and further details:

ice-adapter.log client.log.2021-03-19.0.txt

More Details

  • It happens in 1v1 games as well as in 6v6
  • usually all 20 minutes but sometimes doesn't happen for 1 hour

My Setup

  • Debian Testing
  • 16 GB RAM
  • AMD Athlon X4 860K 3700 FM2+
  • Nvidia GTX 690
  • CPU Rating: 250
  • No mods except for Advanced Icons and Ooof

What I tried

  • I had a ping running during the whole game and not a single lost paket so i don't think it's the network.
  • Also, other games (age2 HD, Crysis, CS) run smoothly online

What I found in the logfiles

  • The logfiles I provided contain 4 games
  • In the 3rd game (Starting 21:41), there were two of these total disconnects
  • at 22:04 there is a: Received GPGNet message: Bottleneck ack 11691 395662,395650,395627,395608,395663 5032.4
  • Later there are several Socket closed
  • Couldn't find anything online what these Bottlenecks exactly are

My questions

  • What exactly are these Bottlenecks and how can i fix them
  • Is it my CPU?
  • What can/need I do to fix the disconnects? I don't want to be the laggers that makes all others wait ingame and sometimes the reconnects don't work and people have to eject me.

So thank you for your help 🙂 I hope I could provide all necesarry information.