T2 Mass Storage having opposite effect - Jagged + others

An odd effect I noted with latest FAF and several combined mods.

Using latest v22 "Jaggeds Infrastructure Pack V3.0" (yes v22 of version 3.0)
I believe I searched the vault of Mods for latest versions of all of these.

  • Build a T2 or T3 Mex.
  • surround with T1 Mass storage.
  • Upgrade a single T1 to T2 mass storage - T2 mex goes from producing 9 to producing 8
  • Upgrade all of the Storage to T2, and T2 mex produces 6

FAF v3719

Hmm... looking a bit further into the RecentGame.log file...

warning: ...alliance\gamedata\mohodata.scd\lua\system\import.lua(37): Error importing '/mods/jaggeds_infrastructure_pack/hook/lua/sim/adjacencybuffs.lua'
info: Problems loading module '/mods/jaggeds_infrastructure_pack 3.0/units/euebmst2/euebmst2_script.lua'.  Falling back to 'Unit' in '/lua/sim/unit.lua'.

Here is list of active mods

AA ACU      (fb5b9e30-ab81-40b7-86ce-45c5295e4e30)
        AI-Uveso        (62e2j64a-AIUV-0910-89465-146as555a8u3)
        Advanced Reclaim Info     (2019eaac-e8ed-11e4-b02c-1681e6b88ec6)
        Advanced target priorities 1.1      (20dec73e-d4b2-11e5-ab30-625662822222)
        All factions FAF BlackOps Nomads        (EFD32F08-945D-0040-8F33-AFB2E4372DD0)
        Antares Unit Pack FAF v2.5  (6aa65d2a-5926-3652-0240-1000200c9a09)
        Antares Unit [Fixes]    (7a2a345c-cdf5-40a6-Fix-Ant01)
        Anti Nuke price v3.1    (a3ec424c-d3d6-4775-9303-9372817f2808)
        AutoReclaim (dwm) (080b115f-7682-4868-bad7-2a2273386a8d)
        BlackOps FAF: EXUnits     (9e8ee941-c406-4751-b367-e10000019000)
        BlackOps FAF: Unleashed       (9e8ea941-c306-aaaf-b367-u00000019000)
        Common Mod Tools        (zcbf6277-24e3-437a-b968-Common-v1)
        DefencesExpand v1.0   (6e0851ba-8dde-416a-9d76-20c3bb090z08)
        Experimental Squareshields  (b59081a9-613b-46f1-becd-3b6520615670)
        Jaggeds Infrastructure Pack V3.0        (fff6f6c8-248a-11de-8c30-0811211c9x8x)
        Missile Tracking        (0fb13852-d03f-48bd-b93c-e29c4d47df02)
        Ninja Reclaim Drones    (FEC17324-7392-3652-0180-119A739294E0)
        NoShake       (06E0D4F2-2231-11E3-A9FB-92EE6088709B)
        Nuclear Repulsor Shields        (44844B72-6054-3656-0210-D5FA6066FB5E)
        Paragon Lite    (570bfbf0-6bfa-11e9-b475-0800200c9a66)
        Paragon Sharing       (AF6212F2-66A6-11E9-B57E-A38D0099106D)
        Reclaim Tower     (01456cd7-cbtt-4c3a-bdac-3d56e8fdc890)
        Slaugh7ers T2 and T3 Walls  (12345678-9123-4567-8912-slaugh7er00v1)
        Smart Reclaim     (99999999999999999991)
        Smart Tactical Missiles       (6BEA1FF0-5D8B-3656-0210-C359C5A5E849)
        Total Mayhem    (62e2j64a-TOMA-3652-01370-146as555a8u3)

I wonder if Jagged uploaded it. I can see the "author" in the vault but not the up loader.

In any case I found out the fixes from the error messages.
Whoever renamed the module "Jaggeds_Infrastructure_Pack 3.0"
did NOT modify the source lines in various LUA files with import and iconpath statements referring to the original Mod's path.
So multi-file edit - search for "Jaggeds_Infrastructure_Pack" replace with "Jaggeds_Infrastructure_Pack 3.0"

With this fix in place and testing - T2 storage now works as expected.