The Titan and Loayalist problem


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Something that i noticed after playing for quite some time(and after watching a ton of gyle casts) is that the Titan and the Loyalist, two of the coollest units in the game, are unfornately both underused and underpowered. From my experience, the only enviroment in which these bot are actually good is when theyre pitted against either t2 or t1 units or other t3 siege assault bots, but against anything else theyre just outmatched, or are the worst option, specifically because of the Heavy Assault Bots(Brick and Percival). The way i see it, the big problem is that the HAB's are just too much better than the SAB's in pretty much every situation, something which is specially true with the Brick and the Loaylist, with the brick being the absolute powerhouse that it is(the Titan is also pretty weak itself, which just aggravates things when you factor how good the Percival is). Now, im not a pro, not even what you'd call a good player(my elo is below 1000), so im in no way qualified to propose balance changes, specially when it comes to specific numbers. However, i do think there are ways of making the SAB's more powerful without messing much beloved HAB's (although i do think the Brick and the Percival have to be nerfed/tweaked in some way to make the other bots more viable), so IMO what could be done to fix them would be:

*Buff the Titan so its more powerful(probably increase its damage, but maybe also making its shield stronger would be good as well)
*Nerf the Percival in a way that it needs the Titan as a escort of sorts (maybe reduce its firerate so its more vulnerable to massed units)
*Buff/change the Loaylist in a way that it remains use in the Brick/experimental phase without just serving as a living EMP bomb(expanding on the Loaylists EMP capabilities is something that goes to mind, maybe make it so it has a weapon that stuns? Implementing some manner of stealth could also be very useful, maybe make it more of a hit and run bot with personal stealth), something that makes it worthwhile to have loaylists escorting your Bricks

In general, i think the SAB's should be ajusted so they can work together with the HAB's in some meaningful way instead of being quickly phased out for or just skipped altogether. They are too cool to be so weak and underused as they are in the current meta. What do you guys think?

I once sugested to bring back the rocket pod on the Titan as seen in the E3 trailer of vanilla SupCom. Would give it a bit more punch.

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I thought about that too, but it would either make it too powerful against bases and stuff or kind of mess up with its behavior if it was firing tac missiles. Although depending on how powerful the rocket is it could make a difference without being too op, I guess