FAF Beta Current Changelog


This post is a summary of the current status of FAF Beta. It maybe will be updated at key turning points with new PRs being merged to reflect the state of beta at any point in time.

The purpose is to have a more easily accessible information channel on changes in progress than Github's atrocious interface. Later hopefully there will be some permanent link to the thread from a certain hub or a certain chat topic.

🍆 Changes that will make it into the next patch unless any faults are found during beta:


  • Mex BP/BT reverted to pre-engymod values. T1 mexes BP 13 -> 10, T2 mexes BP 20.58 BT 1171 -> BP 15 BT 900, T3 mexes BT 3944 -> BT 2875


  • Icon changed from a LAB icon to that of a T1 tank


  • Speed 9 -> 10
  • MuzzleVelocity 40 -> 55
  • DamageRadius 0 -> 0.15

T1 Bombers:

  • Radar radius 42 -> 44


  • Range 18 -> 19
  • TurretYawSpeed 120 -> 130

Cybran T1 Maa

  • Increase of projectile velocity and lifetime vs air units


  • Damage 7 -> 6
  • MuzzleVelocity 45 -> 60

Unit target priorities

  • Revert ACUs to their previous "loose" targeting of mobile units with no preference
  • Cruisers now target navy before structures again
  • Subs target other subs before coopers


  • Overcharge kills mobile land-fac produced shield gen if it depletes its shield on impact (only a single one, overspilled ones live). Vet counted, no reclaim left.

🥀 Changes that will not make it into the next patch but are there for general testing: