Add total team strength display to lobby screen

It would save time with balance arguments in lobbies if there was a clear display of the total strength of the teams. I appreciate that it wouldn't be totally accurate because ratings are not exact, but I think it would be very helpful nonetheless.

There's a mod called Kyro's lobby mod that does this.

@archsimkat that's great, thanks!

I've tried searching for that in the mods section in the FAF client but can't see it - am I missing something?


Download instructions here:

There is a readme with it. I got it to work using those instructions.

It's not a regular in-game mod, it's a "lobby mod" . . . you can't modify the lobby itself using game mods that are installed/managed in the normal way. That's why there are special instructions.

Still this should be added automatically to the FAF client in some way.
Or can you make it as a pop-up window that would be present during the loby waiting time. Maybe that would be easier to implement? Same pop-up as you get when the lobby is full, just always on or let's say 10sec after loby is full and when the host makes a switch then that it would pop-up again with refreshed stats??
And the Supreme Score Board mod should be added to the client automatically too - way better then the original!!