The good cast thread


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decent TMM 2v2 with good ending by Willow's Duality was just released, a long and surprisingly interesting low level ladder game on Vya-3.

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First game is from Willows Duality.
Very aggresive early play from the mid and naval players with unit drops. However both north team players get locked out of navy and slowly collapse. Air player makes a nuke and a mavor to end the game but alast it is too late. Very short setons game and is quite action packed throughout but a little one sided its the best cast i have seen all week

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A modded game from BRNKoINSANITY
This game shows the possible different metas inside the TVG mods. It is not a true cast but can show mods can make games interesting and force different metas than normal game play. Might be good variety i enjoyed it.

Slightly off topic but I've started doing Total Annihilation casts. Might be of interest to some people. Still a bit rough around the edges but I'm working up to doing larger matches. Venom's new PROmod is in beta at the moment which is quite analogous to what the FAF team has done. A pro balance of classic TA that's more of an extension of what went before than a total conversion.