For anyone interested in getting into AI development I've created 'Mini27AI' which is a very basic AI acting as a proof of concept of how to write an AI to carry out some simple tasks outside of the default AI framework, to help as a potential starting point for developers.

Anyone is free to copy/make use of this AI as they wish and build on it for creating their own AI.

At a high level, the AI takes the following approach (which obviously has a number of flaws, as the AI isn't intended to be competitive):

  • ACU will build land factories, power and mexes, unless there are nearby enemy units
  • Factories will build tanks and LABs
  • Tanks and LABs will attack the nearest visible enemy that it can path to (or the enemy base if there are no visible targets)

Mini27AI can be downloaded from the FAF client as a mod, or from github: