Unable to connect to game lobbies with new FAF client update

Since getting the new client (2023.10.0), I can't connect to any game lobbies.

When I click to join a game I get stuck on the "Connecting (Abort Connect)" screen forever.

It was working last week before I updated the FAF client and I haven't had this issue before. Nothing else has changed other than updating the FAF client (and whatever updates Windows 11 is running under the hood)

I've updated to the latest version of Java. I've restarted the computer. I've confirmed that port forwarding on my router is disabled. FAF and Supcom is marked as an exception on windows firewall.

Any advice would be appreciated.

game_21044012.log client.log ice-adapter.log advanced-ice-adapter.log

@korbah 69042576-0e16-4b18-945c-7add92a3926a-image.png
Have you tried highlighting germany 1, there?

Ok that seemed to work thx