Can't download some mods, but some are fine

Hi there,
When I try to join a modded game (or co-op), I get stuck downloading mods quite often. The little download progress bar at the bottom stalls and then nothing happens.
But then I restart the FAF client, join the game again, and it downloads properly (sometimes). But seems to have issues with bigger mods and just won't ever complete the download.
I've reinstalled FAF, reinstalled Supcom, reinstalled Java too. Doesn't seem to matter if the Windows Defender firewall is off or on.

Just tried to watch a replay of a game I played, and it is now stuck trying to download ForgedAlliance.exe.

Any ideas what I could try next?

Just tried to join a game today, a standard Gap game with no mods. And it go stuck downloading "lua.nx2".
Does posting this log file help to find a solution?

client - Copy.log

According to this log it started downloading but never finished even after you shutdown the client it was still running.
So basically it started to download but never received anything nor did it fail.
I have seen this kind of behavior
a) a corporate firewalls where they perform a virus check before passing the file to you causing a long waiting time before data flows and then it's super fast
b) software firewalls where a popup needs to be clicked und the download is paused until then

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That lines up with what I'm seeing. It starts downloading but then just stops (internet traffic seems to stop too). No popups as far as I can see, even tried restarting the PC to kill any processes and only opened FAF, but the problem happened again. It shouldn't be a firewall issue as I have whitelisted the FAF client and it still happens when I disable the windows defender firewall (uninstalled other antivirus software).

This time I got a few more errors in the log, not sure if they're related to my issue though:

client (2).txt

Appreciate any suggestions for fixes šŸ™‚