Switch off live replay

Hey guys,

is there any way to switch live replay off in the client ?
I have searched in the client and in the forum but i can´t find anything.

To me it looks like the replay is being streamed from me and causing traffic for each viewer.

Unfortunately I only have 16k DSL ( 16,9 MBit/s Down / 1,7 MBit /s Up).
My connection works fine for 12 player games or 10 player games if i use voice via discord or ts.

In the past weeks sometimes my ping is spiking like hell (going up to 1000ms for 1 sec each 5 sec ), making the game unplayable.

Every time this happens i checked my connection ( Up and Down speed are the same) and that there are no other devices online ( i deactivate wlan on router and my PC is the only device connected via LAN ). I also checked the processes ... no downloads running, no updates, no programms like steam/ GOG in backround that might cause traffic.

Recently a friend told me, that he was watching my live replay, when i had one of this crashes...

so can anyone help me please and tell me how live replay is working ?
is it causing traffic for each viewer ?

and the most important thing is.. how can i turn live replay off ?

Thanks in advance for the help.

You can’t turn it off.

The live replay is not costing you any additional resources. You stream the replay to the replay server (for storing the replay anyway) and it costs less than 5kb/s.
All viewers stream the live replay from the live replay server, not from your connection.

It's different with observers. The need to run the simulation as well and receive the data from all players.

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Thank you for the information Brutus.

Then i´ll have to keep looking 😞