Suggestion: Gibbed Structure Wrecks Leave Secondary Debris


Short Form: When a structure and its wreck are destroyed in one shot ("gibbed"), create some secondary wreck fragments that add up to a percentage of the original wreck mass.

1. Some Sort of Ethos

I believe in nicely written software and innovative solutions that fit cleanly within existing systems. I like the idea of pushing as much decision-making bandwidth up to the macro scale as possible, but appreciate the micro dynamics that make the game interesting on a small scale. I play whatever games I can get. My rating sucks.

2. Identify a Problem

TML destruction of wrecks in one shot is consistently mentioned as an issue with TML balance.

3. Showcase the Problem

Think this one speaks for itself. I haven't put together a tech demo, but would be happy to do so if there's any interest.

4. Find a Solution

On simultaneous destruction of a unit and its wreck (something to do with overkillRatio--haven't worked out the details but am confident it's implemented in the lua), cast a small number of scrap metal props into the surround on a ballistic arc.

5. Justify the Solution

Debris flying through the air looks cool, and provides a video-game-familiar explanation for what happened to all that mass you had invested in that t2 extractor. Aside from providing a little flavor and a visual explanation to the player, the balance side is easily tunable.