The client cannot install

Trying to solve the problem with "java.lang.error" started reinstalling the client. This window comes out: 5fdb7805-2b76-49bb-b00e-340ad22ea235-image.png

The following errors occurred in the log:
or text:
"[3:544] Creating JVM
[3:668] JVM created
[3:682] ERROR: did not find NativeLogger class
[3:682] load helper dll
[3:682] helper dll (in-module) 00007FF731CB0000
[3:683] ERROR: did not find com/install4j/runtime/installer/platform/win32/Common
[3:684] ERROR: did not find WinDel class
[3:684] setting exe4j.moduleName to D:\Загрузки\faf_windows-x64_2022_12_0 (1).exe
[3:685] main class: com/install4j/runtime/launcher/WinLauncher
[3:685] ERROR: could not find main class"

What to do? 😞