AIs Spawn but don't Build

This is regarding vault map Not Just Another Crater 7v7. Anyone willing to take a look at it to understand why the AIs simply spawn and just stand there? My experience with FA map making is nonexistent but I did take a look at the LUAs and ran some comparisons of the files with another map that I know works, but none of the changes I made (to my local files) did anything when I relaunched the map.

@gijon45 It'll probably depend on which AI you're using and the game settings. E.g. testing just now with M27 it manages to build in a simple 1v1 (although with a delayed start due to reclaim blocking where it wants to build a factory):

I'd suggest first disabling every mod except the AI mod you're using (if you're using one), and try initially just you vs 1 AI, and if it does nothing then post the replay along with the details here (or in the AI feedback section of discord) to see if the relevant AI dev that works on the AI used is able to look into it further.

As far as I can tell, that replay is stored locally so if the link doesn't work for you, let me know. In this replay I disabled all mods except flying engineers, I didn't want the match to go long if the AI wasn't working - and the Sorian AI again, just stood there. So I noticed that when the AI was at about 50% life left, it begins building a factory finally. Maybe I should have allowed it to continue a bit to see if it would put up a fight, but...I'm still hoping that maybe something obvious/simple to a map builder will stand out and can be corrected to make the map/AIs behave normally. Thanks for the response @maudlin27 - if you have any ideas on where to go from here, I'm all ears.

@gijon45 Flying engineers can cause issues for AI (depending on the AI), so I'd try without that mod, or using a different AI to Sorian AI (if Sorian doesn't work with the mod). I recall a long time ago making some updates to M27 to give it a basic level of compatibility with flying engineers so in theory that would be one AI option if you have to have that mod enabled (although I've not tested it more recently to confirm it is still compatible), for other AI you'd have to try each one at a time to see which others are compatible with it.

Sorian AI isn't being actively developed, but @relentless is working on the base AI (e.g. Adaptive) for if you try that and have a similar issue. However i dont know if the current work would extend to adding compatibility for mods that don't currently work with it.

There are lots of other AI as well - see this thread which lists out a number of options:

M27 worked great, note to self: try more of the newer AIs. Thanks for your help @maudlin27