Stepping Down as Promotions Lead


Hi It’s Rowey

You may have noticed over the last Month and half I have been absent and things in the Promotions have seemed to have slowed down / Grinded to a halt in some places. This has been one of the hardest directions I've had to make in a while, August of this year I’ve thought long and hard, at the the end of September I gave The FAF Board My Notice of Stepping down as Promo Lead which will be effective as of Dec 24th, I will no longer hold that role and my successor will take over as well as i will also be taking a break from faf as a whole.

My time as the Promotions Lead me and the team have accomplished a lot, From the increased content that was going up on the FAF YouTube channel which when i started only had 1.2k Sub and we grew that to 2.3k+ Subs as of writing this. We implemented the upgraded version of the client newshub with a more modern look and are working on a revamp of the FAF Website with a new look and feel.

After being a part of the FAF Community for 13 Years it was a huge part of my life at a point in time where I needed it, it became a Safe Haven for me where I could forget about the outside world. I will be moving to focus on other things in my life which will involve some personal stuff and trying out more development stuff I want to pursue. I will not be leaving the Team is Disarrays, Once I officially gave my notice to the board I worked with Javi to make sure he had everything he needed to take over as the new Promotions Lead.

Over the years being on FAF I've dipped my toes in much every area from Tournament Director, Mod and map creator, Was a part of the Initial FAF Association Board and to my final post The Promotions Lead.

With this said i will also be leaving FAF for sometime as it comes to the time where I'm looking forward to what’s next and the next steps i need to step away from what i know and take that leap. I'm sure you will probably see me here and there in some games or on the discord / forum. It has been a blast on all the stuff I've done and achieved throughout my time at FAF, As well as all the friends I've made along the way.

Finally before I finish up this post I would like to announce that Javi will be the Person who will be taking the seat as Promotions Lead and I wish him all the best in the post for all the hard work he has also put in over the years in the background that you may not have known about !

This is Rowey gating out one last time !

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock