FAForever Bin folder Missing


After having uninstalled the client due to missing files in the setup, I elected to reinstall the client.

This I have done, and I have loaded up Steam SCFA to download the necessary additional files.

Loaded up the client, and it says it can't find game. At this point I will mention that I have enabled hidden folders to be seen.

I go to C:\ProgramData\FAForever and all that I can see are two folders:
cache & themes. The bin folder is completely missing.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, each time loading up Classic FA in the hopes that the additional files might be added that way (I was sure it wouldn't, but at this point I'm trying to check all the boxes)

Does anyone have any idea what to do here, can I download the bin file separately, or is there another way?


Sorted the problem thanks to the guys on Discord.

I hadn't set the game location pathway correctly in the settings.

Error has been sorted