TREEMANs Extreme Survival


Hello all,

I've created a new survival map based off of and inspired by 5iver's Survival Land [oxtreme]. I would like to give credit to Hexus_One and whomever the original creator of the map was. I've used a good portion of their map script, but I've added, removed, and modified quite a few things.
Below is a breakdown of the objectives of the map:

  • The center defense object (UEF High Command) must be protected at all costs. If it's destroyed, you'll lose the game.

  • The rest of the town structures must also be protected (on default) settings. If you lose more than 50% of the town (50% being eleven structures) you'll lose the game. You can disable this in options and make it so that only the center defense object matters.

  • By default you have to destroy all gate bases, artillery bases, and special bases that spawn along with all enemy units to win the game. You can change this to only the gate bases if you desire.

Most of the mission options should be functional. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with them. Below are more pictures of the map.





Great Map. Relatively slow start but it gets really insane towards the end. I only have one slight improvement suggestion: Give the main defense building more life. It can really easy die later on if planes crash on it.

Thanks for building this map 🙂