Game Crashes on entry screen

I have had this problem for three weeks now and cannot fix it. I currently have lobby version v2022.1.4 but it happened with several previous versions. Started when I did a lobby update three weeks ago. Lobby is fine but when game starts loading, game loading screen freezes with the following Unhandled exception.pdf. I have tried reloading lobby software, uninstalled and reinstalled Forged Alliance via Steam, restarted the game in Steam (game freezes there also.) What I would like to do is remove all FAF and Forged Alliance folders from my computer and start over (keeping my current FAF account). how can I do this to fix my problem???? I found the log file and it is attached here game_16296943.log.

Have you tried without the mods, especially the

description = "Common ModTools v1, toolbox for other mods"

I removed all mods and game now works fine! Thanks.