stop lag in matchmaker

i recently tried 4vs4 matchmaker and while i really like idea and was going to play only this (at least try) i hit wall with laggers
i spent like half hour waiting for match (everytime stuck on setting automatch screen then error about no connection) and when i finnaly get into game there is lag and no game anyway
well mayby it wasnt long me trying after all but certainly bad experience which i have no way to avoid ... and i suspect it was same ppl that i couldnt get into game with and later they lagged in game so hard i had to quit soon after

in regular matches when you identify lagger you just dont play with him for day at least ... for automatch you can meet same lagger over and over again so you have to wait for him to stop playing if you want to play good game
btw as im writing it i was trying to get into game and same shit happend , some guy who i got blacklisted as lagger on regular matches just told us to get over with this ... so had to quit again
i cant even get better rating to be matched with decent players cos all i got after 1 hour trying was 1 lag free game (lost tbh)

i see there is way to add player to party , i guess it works so you can play with friends , could there be list of antyparty too ? ppl i add so i never get matched with them ? cos this way it is now i find it hard to waste another hour and try this matchmaker again

Thanks for describing this @tRUErETARD. I am aware of this problem and am working on a way of at least preventing people who cause games to not even launch from joining the queue. We can’t really let you blacklist players in matchmaker because a feature like that could be misused by people to manipulate their rating. There might be some ways to detect when people are lagging, I’ll have to look into it.

If anyone has additional ideas for how the experience could be made better do feel free to share them.

well i just had another one ... same story and also guy i would never play with in regular game, i start to think now that all worst laggers that could not play game cos get kicked everytime, now come and play automatch and feel unpunished for ruin other ppls games

What is the underlying cause of the lag ? Poor CPU or poor connection ?

only connection , cpu will only slow down game when there is lots going on , usually late game/ big maps

Once the new CPU benchmark test is done, what about having a (fairly forgiving) minimum score/time that is required running the benchmark to join the 2v2+ matchmakers, to reduce one cause of slowdown? E.g. you'd require a better CPU for 4v4 than 2v2, and wouldnt have any restriction on 1v1.

That said I'd see it as a much more minori ssue - the issue I come across by far the most is also just having the game start in the first place - the majority of the time it times out after a couple of minutes on the Setting up automatch screen (with the reason being due to lack of response from other players)

Although it sounds like the core issue (stopping people who cant connect from joining) is being worked on, additional things that might help improve the experience would giving more information both on the progress with connecting to other players (if this is possible), and the reason for the failed connection beyond the current message (e.g. say we could connect to 6 out of 8 players, and were unable to connect to [name] and [name]'. If you're unable to connect to any other players then it would add to the end a message asking them to not try joining future matchmakers until they've resolved the issue/to seek help on the forum or something. I.e. it's quite possible that people are queuing, not able to connect to anyone, and then just keep retrying without realising they're the cause of the problem.