FAF Commandline options

I need different Game.pref files to play FAF and FA LOUD.
I used batch files to switch game.prefs files, but is buggy.
So, I want to use shortcuts.

With shortcuts you can use command line options.
For example: C:\ProgramData\FAForever\bin\ForgedAlliance.exe /prefs Game_FAF_Offline.prefs

How do I get the FAF client to use command line options?

In the settings there is an option for it. By default it is "%s", you would add your args to the end of that (not sure if it needs to go inside or outside the quotes, just try it both ways)

Thank you.
Didn't know I had to use the "%s".

Tested it.
Args can be both inside and outside the quotes.
Note that FAF will still need the default game.prefs file even though it uses the settings from the specified file.
Otherwise FAF will give an error which can be ignored but is annoying.

For reference the exact text I used is:

"%s /prefs Game_FAF.prefs"


"%s" /prefs Game_FAF.prefs

(I know from experience how annoying it is when theres an answer to the question but all they say is: 'got it, ty'.)