The first season has started


Hello everyone,

after over one and a half years of developement the first season of the new league system is now live. Every matchmaking queue has it's separate division ranking. By playing the matchmaker you will get placed in a suitable division after your placement games. You can then see your division in the appropriate leaderboard tab and the matchmaking tab next to your name. You will earn or lose points by winning or losing and will thus move up or down to the next division. To see the new leaderboards you need at least client version 2021.12.0.
We will gather your feedback after the first season. Of course you can already post your thoughts in this thread.

Altough I am the guy that kept this particular project moving, it would have not been possible to achieve without a lot of work of other contributors, namely:
and many others that helped me. Thank you so much for all your support that made it possible for me, starting with only little coding knowldege, to implement such a big project!

Cool stuff. Looking at the people in my division, a couple of divisions higher and a couple of divisions lower, I think the system represents individual player skill very well.

However, understanding the system is much harder. I think the team could do a better job at integrating the system into the client. For example:

  • clicking on the division icon on the matchmaker page should open the division leaderboard
  • The replay screen could also display the players divisions.
  • Texts in the client to explain the system. I had no clue what the "score" is until I found this forum post. I still don't understand how much score is gained/lost per game, or when I am promoted. The system seems very opague at the moment, and some simple texts on the Leaderboard page might fix this.
  • The Leaderboard page could contain additional stats like each player's win/loss record.

So can we not see the global rating leaderboards anymore? Or is it planned to be brought back?

Thank you for your suggestions, we are considering them. The move to the division system is still in progress, so it will be visible in more places in the future. A faq post with more info how everything works will follow. In short, you will gain or lose one point for every match. If the system deems you are in a lower division than you should be, it will give you 2 points for a win. You will rank up if the score circle is full and you win again.
The global rating leaderboards will not be coming back. The nature of custom games makes it impossible to fairly compare the global ratings of different players, so there is no point in having a leaderboard for that.

For the time being The Global leaderboard will be on the website I have not plans to remove this at this current time

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@rowey thank you, this is the main thing that everyone would like to hear, I would also like to see active and inactive players in it

@blackyps deleting the global table was a very bad way, 90% needed it

@robustness said in The first season has started:

@blackyps deleting the global table was a very bad way, 90% needed it

For what?