Server update 24th September 2020

Note: As a result of the server update you must update your client to version 1.2.0 for it to properly display the game list.

The next server downtime is scheduled for the 24th of September 2020 at 06:00 UTC. During the downtime the following updates will be applied:

  • Lobby server updates
  • Fix achievements not working
  • Add ANZ coturn server
  • Regular kernel and userspace updates
  • Regular updates to faf-stack
  • Some internal changes to the ZFS setup


Lobby Server

This release consists mostly of bugfixes courtesy of our first time contributors (see below) as well as server enforcement of lobby rating ranges. With future client support, the rating ranges you select for your lobbies will mean that players who don't fall into the desired range will not be shown your lobby. So make sure you check those min and max rating fields before hosting a game!

There are also some internal generalizations of the matchmaking system which are working toward team matchmaker support. So stay tuned, team matchmaking may only be a few releases away!

Other noteworthy changes:

  • Ban times are displayed more accurately
  • Ladder anti map repetition should work again
  • Map generator games are now ranked
  • Team kills no longer automatically generate moderation reports
  • Ladder games will be rated using the old method, resulting in fewer unrated games


Roughly ordered by amount of contribution. Special thanks to our first time FAF contributors lirael, mapi5032, and 0x647262!

  • Askaholic
  • UmbraSolis
  • lirael
  • mapi5032
  • 0x647262
  • Sheikah
  • Brutus5000

For further details check the github release notes:

Achievements Fix

Due to a configuration issue, the lobby server was unable to authenticate with the API, and therefore was not able to post achievement progress updates. This will be fixed.

ANZ Coturn Server

Thanks to the work of the FAF Council and Paul Wayper, we will be enabling the use of a secondary coturn server located in Australia. The coturn server is responsible for relaying game data between players which allows you to connect and play with people across the globe. However, it can also be responsible for high latency if you are located physically far away from Europe (such as in Austrailia or New Zealand). Our hope is that the addition of this new server will reduce the latency between players in Oceania and players in the rest of the world. So let us know if you notice a difference!

Updates to FAF Stack

See the github release notes:

Nice work!

pfp credit to gieb

yes, me like!

the achievements working again in particular!

"Add ANZ coturn server"

@nine2 Yea hopefully it makes a difference. Would be great if people could comment here with their experience after the update.

@askaholic It definitely seems to have made a big difference. I've only had 1 game with a Russian in our lobby that lagged a bit, but nothing to jump up and down over. Thanks for getting this going and I'm glad we were able to help you and Paul.