Not seeing all hosted games

So I imagine this will be hard to troubleshoot, but I'll give it a shot.

On 2 occasions now I was asked to join a game by a friend but I couldn't see his hosted game in the custom games screen, and in my aeolus window it didn't show him in a game or hosting one. I thought it was weird but a few weeks ago I had the same problem with the same friend.

This time they stopped hosting and joined someone elses game, but I couldn't see that game either. Turns out I was able to see 4 games, but he was able to see 10.

I don't know what could be causing this, so far I've restarted my system, and then I uninstalled and reinstalled the FAF client. I did not save any settings or data when I uninstalled.

I work long days so it'll be tomorrow night before I check back, but any help would be appreciated.

Well not everybody is able to see all games. When you host a game you can enable certain settings such as 'Friends Only' or 'Enforce Rating Range' which will limit who can see and join those games. So the first thing I'd do is double check with your friend to find out if he's using one of these options and whether or not he has you on his friends list or has set the rating ranges to something higher/lower than your rating.

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@askaholic I will followup on those next time I know it's happening, but they have told me that they weren't friends only. They're not sure on the rating range though. Clicking to enforce the rating range would prevent me from seeing it in the custom games screen and the aeolus window next to their name?

Also see if you’ve checked the option to show modded games in case they’re using a sim mod. If you have them as a friend you should also get a notification pop up briefly in the bottom right saying when they’ve joined or hosted a game which iirc lets you click to join them.

Hey, I've been having the same issue where the list of custom lobbies will not refresh automatically. I haven't been able to find a permanent fix, but if you click between table and list view repeatedly, it will manually fetch the list of active lobbies and refresh it that way. Hope this duct tape fix works for you

@maudlin27 Thanks, I've tried checking the mod. I know last night I didn't get any notifications about my friend joining the game or hosting the other, but I did when they logged off and on.

@captainklutz Alright I'll give that a shot next time, thanks!

Still having the same problem, have tried everything.