1v1 Ladder Map Pool Thread

The current map pool for 1v1 ladder (1v1 matchmaker) can be seen in this thread. This will also serve as a record for the 1v1 map pools going forward as of August 2021.

For feedback and discussion about the current 1v1 map pool, please instead go to this thread:


How do I know what maps I will play on when I queue up for 1v1 matchmaking?


When do the ladder maps rotate?

The 1st of every month (± a few hours).

How do I submit a map I made into consideration for future map pools?

Go to the #matchmaker-submissions channel on the Forged Alliance Forever discord. If you are not a part of the discord, you can join here: https://discord.gg/2gQeSDFH.

August 2021

1v1 Map Pool

Mapgen Week has concluded, and with that a regular ladder month map pool resumes.

September 2021


October 2021

1v1 Map Pool


Starting from this pool onwards, the 1300-1800 bracket will have an additional 20x20 map in their pool. All other pool map ratios are unchanged.

November 2021

1v1 Map Pool

Ladder pool Nov.png

December 2021

1v1 Map Pool

This pool marks the first time 7.5x7.5 and 15x15 is featured on the ladder! Many thanks to the devs who made it possible, specifically, Sheikah for implementing the new mapgen map sizes and Brutus5000 for creating the new moderator client version to allow these mapgen sizes to be added to ladder. Get laddering!