FA crashes when launched from FAF

I just reinstalled FA + FAF. The game itself is on steam and I got the FAF client from the homepage of the FAF website, the Downlord's one. I launched FA in steam to create a profile and I can start games inside of FA, but it crashes any time I try to host a game from FAF.

I have tried reinstalling FA and FAF but that didn't help. The log looks pretty consistent. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have attached my log. I see lot of stuff in it that talks about errors importing lua files:

warning: Error importing /lua/maui/frame.lua:
Error importing '/lua/maui/frame.lua'
stack traceback:
[C]: in function error' ...alliance\gamedata\mohodata.scd\lua\system\import.lua(52): in function import'

Any suggestions?

I think it was related to having a mod sitting in a onedrive folder that I was unaware of. FAF didn't seem to like that. Getting rid of that seems to have solved the issue.