Direct Strike FAF scripted map

I am glad to present you a wonderful custom map for faf named Direct Strike. Perhaps many of you have realized that the map from Starcraft 2 is taken as a basis.

The main goal was to make a simplified game mode for players in supreme commander, where they can try to control any units they want.

The mini-game has its own economy. Units are purchased for currency, which in turn can be obtained in four ways:

  • Killing enemy units
  • Killing side bunkers
  • Capturing control points
  • Buying cash-extractor

The comeback system is implemented by the fact that the number of control points is inversely proportional to the cashpoints that you will receive for killing

To win the game u need to kill the paragon - main bunker with lotta pds

see the trailer here:
also see the

in a nutshell, you have a set of units of your faction that you can buy. The interface is quite simple. The purchased units will be added to your set for a certain number of waves and will be delivered by transports to the battlefieldScreenshot_50.jpg

Nice job on the map.
I played a game on it earlier today. replay :
It was a little difficult to understand at the start but eventually I got the hang of it.

I would like to give you some suggestions

  • Use decals/text on the map to show the cost of a unit. I really didn't enjoy having to hover over a unit to see how much it cost.
    With decals everybody would see the cost without having to update your settings.
  • The game didn't end for me. We got the victory dialog, but the game time kept running. Is this intended or a bug? I think you can/should force the game to stop once somebody wins.

Some small things that were kinda annoying for me

  • You can't queue multiple things without having to reselect the engineer. So if you have a lot of points, it requires a lot of clicks to queue up a bunch of things.
  • It was at the start quite difficult to understand what I could/couldn't buy. Having a decal/symbol on the map that would show you what you could buy would be very nice.
    For example green symbol = can buy, red symbol = cannot buy
  • The explanations at the start go quite quickly. Could it be possible to have them available later, so you can review something incase you missed it? Perhaps put the texts also in the chat?

Do you accept pull requests in your github repo?

@keyblue, hey, thank you for feedback.

  • Unfortunately i can't use decals for cost showing since theres 4 factions with different units and correspondingly with different prices.
  • The game didn't end because of sandbox settings, i know that looks weird. Actually im not sure i can turn it back to assasination mode in the end of game i will try to test.
  • Have u played with names of units also? Good idea about symbols also but i cant currently get the way to do it.
  • There was a dialog window in previous versions with explanations, no one read it as i could see 🙂
  • The taunts i use have certain time, so the only way i can make them slowler is make more taunts 😕
    Yes i accept pull requests.

Look at the 3rd screenshot, did your shop look the same?
Also forgot to say, u can use hotkey that selecting your nearest idle engineer!

Ok I made PR that puts the cost of the units as decals on the ground.
It uses a dds image for each number, so you can easily change how the numbers look by using different dds file..

Ending the game should also be quite simple with a call to


images on ground

@keyblue very cool! Thank you 🙂 version 46 is online!