Can't start any game

Hello there, i just buyed FA and installed to play FAF.
But i've got this error i can't play any game as vanilla's still work :

warning: c:\programdata\faforever\gamedata\effects.nx2\effects\cartographic.fx: unable to compile effect: c:\programdata\faforever\gamedata\effects.nx2\effects\cartographic.fx reason: unknown error

Tried to find "game.log" and client log files but i don't know where they are 😕

At least i found this in the FAF program data folder :

I tried to remove all the file from de gamedata folder, then restart, as mentionned here :

But it still don't work 😞

have you lauched a game after instaling the game on steam via steam as you need to luach it on steam first for all the correct fiels to be created than you should be fine on faf then.

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Yes vanilla's game is working fine