Naval/Air Path markers vs Land Path

I can't find the Naval / Air path markers in the FAF map editor. I'm using FAF Map Editor alpha_v0607 - most of the AI markers are there, and I've added Combat, Defense, Expand, Rally, and a network of land path nodes and connections, but I can't see how to do the same for water/air. Currently the naval AI's don't build anything on water, which I'm assuming is because I've not seen how to add those markers yet?![alt text]Capture.PNG

Select Path - and a dropdown box will appear that allows you to select which kind of marker you want to place.

Thanks! I've put the nets in the sea, but the AI still doesn't seem to want to start building the first naval yard - is there something else that needs to be there? I have put a couple of Naval Links down which i thought were the hints for the AI to show where to build?

Without knowing which AI you're using - I can't really tell you more. Each AI is very different with regards to how far it will look for a Naval Area marker (which is where it will start a naval) - and under what conditions - economic, threat based, etc. For example, LOUD won't be interested in a naval area if the enemy is connected by land - and is under 5 km away. It also won't try to go and start a base in the water, if there is a certain amount of threat at, or near, the potential site.

Hello Jammerfar ,

You say "nets in the sea" and "Naval Links".
Looks like you are only placing waypoints but the AI needs a "Naval Area" marker for building naval factories.
Its the same like a expansion area but in water.

And like Sprouto said;
What AI are you using ?
Did you set "naval expansions" inside the game options to 1 or more ?
Are there amphibious waypoints from land to the naval area for engineers ?
In case you use my AI (AI-Uveso) is there enough build space for a naval area ?
(Did you know, my AI can autogenerate markers; Ready for copy & paste to your map script)
(My AI also has some debug functions to visual display how the AI is using waypoints and marker grids)

And if all fails, post us your unfinished map here, and we can do some tests with it.