In-game lobby issues with maps

Hi there!

Firstly, I was told to mention that I have AMD A12 cpu integrated graphics (R7) and do not have any Cyberpunk things associated with my computers. I use the latest Downlord FAF client.
I have an issue when my client does not recognize some community/curated maps. A friend is hosting games with maps from vault, but after I join the game says I don't have the map. I loaded the maps (multiple times, different maps) both via joining said game or loading from vault but no use... Similarly, when creating a game with problematic maps, they show up in FAF client but disappear in-game... Does anyone have an idea what's going on here?

Also, the map Williamson's Bridge is very dark for some reason - almost impossible to make out topography. As if there was no light on the map!
It is uncertain, whether these issues have been present the whole time or have begun appearing only now, since I had a several year break between playing on FAF.

I will attempt a reinstall of the game (I still have it installed the OG way, will attempt installing through Steam) or delete maps folders, but aside from that I see very little what I can do.

Another issue I recently found was, that when joining games I need to re-enable UI mods every time. Could these issues be connected?

in the client try going to the top left the 3 horizontal lines. > Settings > Untick Vualt FAllback Location. see if this helps with your issuse

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Thank you, thios solved the issue with maps!