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With the map pool being based off ladder maps, will the 1800+ maps be excluded and if there was a U1000 division, would 1300-1800 maps also be excluded for this division?

We'll select 10x10 and 5x5 maps, with the focus on 'simpler' maps.


ladder 1440, global 1500 +-


demon is in


the post is too short

Make t3 mex, not war


No need to reply with your name. Please sign up using the form post!


Signing in, Ladder lower than 1500, global just above 1500 just recently so not really 1500 material.


nice ghetto streams:


Would have played in this but it would have needed to be a hour later .

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock


Congratulations to the winners, if you would like to redeem your prize in the form of my lesson make sure to contact me through FAF client, Forums or discord. If you don't want such lesson let me know and I will offer it to the player that managed to get the 2nd place. Huge thanks to Conorach for organizing the tournament and all the players that participated as well as Farms and other streamers that covered this event. I really hope that more tourneys like this will happen in the future where players of all ratings can try their skills at FAF's competitive scene.


Dear everyone,

We had a great tournament today.
Winners and runners up are announced in the original post.
Thanks a lot to the streamers, Endranii, Farms/FTX and Matri and everyone who helped organize and run the tournament, in particular Wondersheep.

Finally, thanks to the almost 50 players that registered and showed up for this tournament! It is amazing to see so much enthusiasm and effort. You all did a wonderful job whether you won or lost.

We'll reach out to the winners with avatars etc. later this week.

See you at the next tournament!



The tournament was very fun, thanks for organising it

Remember: Losing is Fun!


Holiday Tourney 2020
December 27, 2020
U1500 List of Games Played

Upper Bracket Round 1 - Frithen
#13477851 - LimeZ3 (Sera) vs MAPTOC (Cybran)
#13477838 - Astr0x (Cybran) vs Saphed (Sera)
#13477871 - Deja-Wu (Chosen) (Aeon) vs KilaSkila (Cybran)
#13477938 - chunky (Sera) vs kite (Cybran)
#13477866 - Melo (Cybran) vs demonstreamer666 (Aeon)
#13477831 - Hell (Sera) vs MilchRatchet (Sera)
#13477860 - Vaginator (Sera) vs grimplex (Cybran)

Upper Bracket Round 2 – Eye of the Storm – FAF version
#13478069 - LimeZ3 (Cybran) vs darkym (Aeon)
#13478252 - Astr0x (Cybran) vs Matri (Sera)
#13478020 - Deja-Wu (Chosen) (Aeon) vs Muffin_Button (Sera)
#13478203 - kite (Sera) vs theeggroll (Sera)
#13478184 - Lucied (UEF) vs Melo (Cybran)
#13477959 - Cast_Away (Cybran) vs Hell (Sera)
#13478021 - Wesh (Aeon) vs grimplex (Aeon)

Lower Bracket Round 1 – Cobalt Valley
#13478401 - Astr0x (Cybran) vs demonstreamer666 (UEF)
#13478332 - Deja-Wu (Chosen) (UEF) vs chunky (UEF)
#13478409 - KilaSkila (Aeon) vs theeggroll (Random)
#13478431 - Melo (Cybran) vs Saphed (Sera)
#13478299 - MAPTOC (Cybran) vs Wesh (Aeon)

Lower Bracket Round 2 - Palaneum
#13478696 - MilchRatchet (Sera) vs Vaginator_ (Sera)
#13478668 - Deja-Wu (Chosen) (Aeon) vs demonstreamer666 (Aeon)
#13478705 - Saphed (Cybran) vs theeggroll (Cybran)
#13478426 - Hell (Sera) vs Wesh (Aeon)

Upper Bracket Round 3 – TAG_Craftious Maximus
#13478383 - Matri (Sera) vs Muffin_Button (Sera)
#13478434 - Lucied (UEF) vs kite (Sera)
#13478357 - Cast_Away (Cybran) vs grimplex (Cybran)

Lower Bracket Round 3 – The Ganges Chasma
#13478617 - Matri (Sera) vs Wesh (Aeon)
#13478976 - Lucied (UEF) vs MilchRatchet (Sera)
#13478805 - demonstreamer666 (Aeon) vs grimplex (Aeon)

Lower Bracket Round 4 – Hollow
#13479053 - Wesh (Aeon) vs theeggroll (Aeon)
#13479153 - MilchRatchet (Sera) vs grimplex (Cybran)

Upper Bracket Round 4 – Niflheim – Final II V2
#13478600 - Muffin_Button (Sera) vs darkym (Aeon)
#13478710 - Cast_Away (Cybran) vs kite (Sera)

Lower Bracket Round 5 – Regor VI Highlands
#13479308 - Muffin_Button (Sera) vs grimplex (Cybran)

Lower Bracket Round 6 - Arcane
#13479784 - Muffin_Button (Cybran) vs Wesh (Aeon)

Upper Bracket Round 5 – Z-D Rasty Lite
#13479102 - Cast_Away (Cybran) vs darkym (Aeon)

Lower Bracket Finals – Emerald Cliffs
#13479662 - Cast_Away (Cybran) vs Wesh (Aeon)

Grand Finals – Forbidden Pass – FAF version
#13480277 - Wesh (Aeon) vs darkym (Aeon)

Also: here is a search string that you can enter into the Java client to pull up all tournament games (copy it to your clipboard, then in the FAF client, check the box for: display search query, and then paste this into the query input field, and press enter to perform the search directly from the query input field).


Factions Statistics:
UEF: 6/76 (7.89%)
Aeon: 22/76 (28.95%)
Cybran: 23/76 (30.26%)
Sera: 24/76 (31.58%)
Random: 1/76 (1.32%)
Mirror: 12/38 (31.58%)


Lessons learned:
Perhaps this deserves its own post, but here's some info for future reference:

  • registering through google form let me put everyone's details in a spreadsheet.
    Added with that, the rating of players, let me quickly sort and filter and copy-paste into Challonge.

Even though registration was closed officially the night before the tournament, there were two or three people that signed up on the morning of the tournament, requiring us to recreate the brackets.
At 10am, we had removed the people who hadn't shown up at that moment yet, but as we recreated the bracket, at least one of them still appeared (late), and we had to re-add. In the chaos, two more players got re-added even though they weren't present. Also one player from the < 1000 bracket got accidentally moved up to the wrong group, requiring further tweaks.
All in all this was very chaotic and stressful, lead to confusion, and more waiting time for all the participants that had been ready since 20 minutes before the official start. I will not allow late registrations in the future, and prepare the brackets carefully on the day off, and if people don't show up, so be it. It will be much less work and stress for the TD, and less confusion for the players involved.

Finally, around 15 minutes after the original start time, everything was prepared and the tournament could start. This isn't very bad as delays go, but it is still annoying. Some people wake up very early to be ready, and others are staying up late, and delaying it isn't helpful for anyone.

The most effort went into keeping track of the scores. Luckily Wondersheep was there to help me enter all the information and bring attention to issues or questions. I will try to think of a better way to deal with this in the future, since it's pretty hectic when there's about 16 different games going on and people are reporting in chat, in personal chat, in various formats, as well as looking for the next opponent and asking questions.

  • Separating the participants into two groups
    This helped tremendously with the speed of the tournament. The total duration was around 5 hours. I would even split up the groups further in the future. In this case, it could have been 3 groups of < 16. The benefit is that ratings are closer and this will make more fun matches, as well as speeding up the tournament further.

  • Map picks
    I think this went pretty well. Based on FTX' advice, I picked smaller, faster maps for the loser's brackets, since they always end up having to play more matches. This tends to cause delays where the winner players are waiting for the losers to catch up. There weren't many draws, which helped with the flow too.
    Of course, the downside of losing early is that you have very limited variation in maps. Also there's no tactical component for players to pick maps they're good at or have practiced on, but I don't think that is an issue for games that aren't top-tier rated.

Anyway, overall very successful. Can't complain 🙂


Holiday Tourney 2020
December 27, 2020
U1000 List of Games Played

Upper Bracket Round 1 - Cobalt Valley
#13477870 - Luxoric (Sera) vs Zukko (Sera)
#13477968 - CoffeeDroppa (Cybran) vs samus759 (Aeon)
#13477861 - FaffingRobbie (Cybran) vs Pwease (Cybran)
#13477849 - RyanMilligan (Aeon) vs Templar95 (UEF)
#13477903 - Lord_Greg (Sera) vs Mightypeasant (UEF)
#13477832 - Sparecat6 (Cybran) vs cozon (Aeon)
#13477889 - JamietheHuman (Cybran) vs TheoPhysicist (Sera)

Upper Bracket Round 2 - Ambush Pass
#13477873 - END-GAME (Cybran) vs Javi (Cybran)
#13478095 - Zukko (Sera) vs foodlfg (Cybran)
#13478207 - CoffeeDroppa (Cybran) vs TheDuelist (Cybran)
#13478032 - Deusinho (Cybran) vs Pwease (Cybran)
#13478433 - LobbySimLover (Sera) vs Templar95 (UEF)
#13478029 - Lord_Greg (UEF) vs Tomruler (Aeon)
#13478011 - el_cozon (Aeon) vs martian (Sera)
#13478044 - TheoPhysicist (Sera) vs Toast_369 (UEF)

Lower Bracket Round 1 - Theta Passage - FAF version
#13478067 - END-GAME (Aeon) vs Sparecat6 (Cybran)
#13478269 - JamietheHuman (Cybran) vs Zukko (Sera)
#13478423 - CoffeeDroppa (Cybran) vs Mightypeasant (UEF)
#13478604 - FaffingRobbie (Cybran) vs Templar95 (UEF)
#13478259 - Lord_Greg (Aeon) vs samus759 (Sera)
#13478227 - Luxoric (Sera) vs Toast_369 (UEF)

Lower Bracket Round 2 - Williamson's Bridge
#13478391 - END-GAME (Aeon) vs JamietheHuman (Cybran)
#13478544 - Mightypeasant (UEF) vs Pwease (Cybran)
#13478797 - FaffingRobbie (Cybran) vs samus759 (Cybran)
#13478425 - Toast (UEF) vs martian (Sera)

Upper Bracket Round 3 - hollow
#13478303 - Javi (Cybran) vs foodlfg (Cybran)
#13478405 - Deusinho (Cybran) vs TheDuelist (Cybran)
#13478577 - LobbySimLover (Sera) vs Tomruler (Aeon)
#13478173 - TheoPhysicist (Sera) vs cozon (Aeon)

Lower Bracket Round 3 - Crag Dunes
#13479004 - FaffingRobbie (Cybran) vs foodlfg (Cybran)
#13478588 - Deusinho (Cybran) vs martian (Sera)
#13478965 - END-GAME (Aeon) vs Tomruler (Aeon)
#13478764 - Pwease vs (Cybran) vs cozon (Aeon)

Lower Bracket Round 4 - Summer Duel
#13479158 - Deusinho (Cybran) vs foodlfg (Cybran)
#13479136 - Tomruler (Aeon) vs cozon (Aeon)

Upper Bracket Round 4 - Syrtis Major - FAF version
#13478598 - Javi (Cybran) vs TheDuelist (Cybran)
#13479022 - LobbySimLover (Sera) vs TheoPhysicist (Sera)

Lower Bracket Round 5 - Adaptive Salt and Pepper
#13479272 - TheDuelist (Cybran) vs cozon (Aeon)
#13479237 - Deusinho (Cybran) vs LobbySimLover (Sera)

Lower Bracket Round 6 - ambush the enemy
#13479430 - Deusinho (Cybran) vs cozon (Aeon)
#13479627 - Deusinho (Cybran) vs cozon (Aeon)

Lower Bracket Round 7 - Abhor
#13479243 - Javi (Cybran) vs TheoPhysicist (Sera)

Lower Bracket Finals - The Ganges Chasma
#13479781 - Deusinho (Cybran) vs Javi (Cybran)

Grand Finals - Open Palms
#13480000 - Javi (Cybran) vs TheoPhysicist (Sera)

Also: here is a search string that you can enter into the Java client to pull up all tournament games (copy it to your clipboard, then in the FAF client, check the box for: display search query, and then paste this into the query input field, and press enter to perform the search directly from the query input field).


Factions Statistics:
UEF: 10/88 (11.36%)
Aeon: 18/88 (20.45%)
Cybran: 40/88 (45.45%)
Sera: 20/88 (22.73%)
Mirror: 15/44 (34.09%)


@Tagada Hey Tagada,

I'd love to have a lesson w you. I'll try message you on the forums here and maybe the faf as well.



@arma473 wow that's pretty comprehensive. Thanks!